Torchlight: Extended

24 January 2010

I wrote about how flawed the Torchlight demo was in a previous blog post.  I decided not to buy the game after it rehashed Diablo’s formulate to a fault, except with bugs that culminated in a game crash losing my progress after a very long boss fight.

If you know me and how many times I’ve pulled Diablo 2 and even Diablo 1 back out of the closet, though, you won’t be surprised to hear that I ended up buying Torchlight anyway.  After playing the demo with the other two classes and farming the demo’s boss a bit, I just had to plow ahead and see the rest of the levels and spells.  For a $20 bill you can’t be but so picky, right?

My experience with the rest of the game stayed very true to what I said of the demo.  The game mimicked Diablo to a fault, had numerous glitches, but also remained fun throughout as I gathered loot and blasted baddies as I upgraded my spells.  In fact, the game stayed true to what I said of the demo a little too well.

The final boss is a very big monster with a very big health bar.  I would guess the back-and-forth fight took me a full 10 or 20 minutes to whittle his health bar down to zero.  He exploded in a hail of colorful loot which I carefully picked over when – cue shocked gasp – the game locked up, losing all of my progress.  I suppose I can’t say I didn’t know what I was in for after playing the demo.