Update: Removing Mana From DPS Classes in WOW

11 November 2009

The precursor to my previous blog post Removing Mana From DPS Classes in WOW was a post I made to the WOW forums. It turns out Ghostcrawler read it and liked it enough to quote it!


This is a prettty good summary. The answer is that we are changing mana-based nukers but not by removing their mana. Instead we are just going to make them less dependent on mana regen, specifically Spirit. You are correct that we really only want healers to run OOM, and we can’t really get rid of it for reasons Squirrelbot mentions. DPS casters still have to manage mana to some degree but they should have tools (e.g. Evocate) to handle that. They shouldn’t “run dry” the way a Holy priest or Resto shaman needs to run dry (ideally — I know this isn’t happening now) when the encounter isn’t going well for you.

Sounds like no plans for a new resource system for mages or warlocks, but that is confirmation that evocation and similar mechanics are intended to give all dps caster specs near-infinite mana.

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