Chrome’s dns_probe_finished_bad_config & Dlink DIR-655

16 January 2016

After years using the DIR-655, our wifi stopped working AND a wired computer was also receiving DNS errors in chrome (dns_probe_finished_bad_config). The only change in the network config is that we had a power outage.

What tipped me off to the fix is the fact that another wired computer wasn’t having any issues. Looking at DNS settings, the broken computer was using the DIR-655 for DNS, while the working computer was hardcoded to the actual DNS server IP addresses. This implies that the DIR-655’s DNS server is broken, but IP traffic is functioning normally.

The benefits of using the router for DNS are minimal. Considering this outage as an example, it’s probably always more hassle than benefit. The router’s DNS can be disabled with a simple checkbox named “Enable DNS Relay”.  Uncheck this so that DNS Relay is disabled:

Disabling DNS server on the DIR-655

Found Under Setup => Network Settings

With DNS Relay unchecked, the router will send the configured DNS servers to the client machines.  You can still configure the router with your favorite DNS servers (eg. OpenDNS or Google’s to have your clients circumvent bad ISP DNS servers – this just removes the DIR-655 DNS software from the mix.

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